Wollongong Slab & Plate products Divsision

The Wollongong steel works was orginally owned by 'Australian Iron and Steel', who many years ago was bought out by BHP. The works however even today, many years later, is still refered to as the AIS steel works.

Rail transport is used to a number of coal mines in the Illawarra foot-hills, operated over a mixture of both SRA and private lines. Rail is used within the works for transporting both raw materials (Coal and lime-stone), and moving waste and product. Australia's heaviest axle load wagons operate in this works, the molten iron carrying 'torpedo ladles'.

Length - 200Km - 1435mm guage.

Rollingstock - 29 diesel locomotives, 550 wagons.

Matthew Geier (matthew@sleeper.apana.org.au)

Information dated 1993