Australian National

Background - Australian National , formed in 1975, by the 'Nationalization' of the state railways of South Australia and Tasmainia, merged into the Commonweath railways. No other state 'took up the offer'.

Also see what their 'owners', Federal Department of Transport & Communications have to say.

1435mm gauge mainlines from Broken Hill (NSW) via Port Augusta (SA) to Kalgoorlie (WA) totalling 2173km, with a connecting line from Crystal Brook to Adelaide (197km); the Central Australia Railway (1435 mm ) from Tarcoola to Alice Springs ( 831 Km ) - Most this trackage will be handed over to National Rail some time in the near future as part of the National Rail share-holders aggreement.( Except Broken Hill to Crystal Brook )

1435mm Branch lines from Port Augusta to Telford (Leigh Creek) 251Km, and Whyalla (75km).

1600mm gauge main line from Adelaide to Melbourne (304Km to the Victorian border). Currently subject to a gauge standardisation program. ( Conversion to 1435mm ), Will become part of the National Rail network. assorted 'broad' gauge branches totalling 981km. isolated 1067mm gauge networks on the Eyre peninsula in Sth Australia (748Km) and in Tasmainia (AN Tasrail - 784 km).

Traffic - (1991-92) 13.1 Million tonnes carried. 197000 passenger journeys. Only Australian 'public' railway to operate at a surplus.

Length and Gauge - 6559km, of 1497Km 1600mm, 3530km of 1435mm, 1532km of 1067mm

Rollingstock - 1600mm - 40 diesel locomotives, 2 diesel railcars, 39 coaches,17 brake and power vans,1317 wagons, 151 service wagosn.

1435mm - 92 diesel locomotives, 8 diesel railcars, 148 coaches, 60 brake and power vans, 2919 wagons, 668 service wagons.

1067mm - 58 diesel locomotives, 2 coaches, 13 brake vans, 1039 wagons, 110 service wagons.

Staff - 5 041

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