Fleet NoClassArrivedIn ServiceRemovedNote
141sD class scrubber26/06/199726/06/199710/07/1997Hired from the Sydney Tramway Museum to clean rails
2101Variotram15/06/199728/07/199731/05/2015Towed to Haymarket by 2102
2102Variotram05/06/199728/07/199729/06/2015Towed to Haymarket by 2116
2106Variotram03/08/1997Scrapped some time in 2013/14
2107Variotram17/08/199725/08/199730/06/2015Towed to Haymarket by 2119
2108Urbos 2Returned to Spain (Vélez-Málaga) Leased as a stopgap till the new Urbos 3 arrived
2109Urbos 2Returned to Spain (Vélez-Málaga)
2110Urbos 2Returned to Spain (Vélez-Málaga)
2111Urbos 223/09/2014Returned to Spain (Seville) (Unit 105) Departure date only probable - pushed to Haymarket on the 23/09/2014
2112Urbos 319/12/2013In ServiceFirst of 6 ordered for the Dulwich Hill extension
211313 skipped so tram 13 would not be seen at the Casino!
2114Urbos 3??/02/2014In ServiceArrived either 7th or 14th
2115Urbos 320/03/2014In Service
2116Urbos 309/04/2014In Service
2117Urbos 3??/05/2014In Service
2118Urbos 3??/06/2014In Service
2119Urbos 309/02/2015In Service2nd order to replace the Variotrams
2120Urbos 319/03/2015In Service
2121Urbos 312/04/2015In Service
2122Urbos 329/04/2015In Service
2123Urbos 307/05/2015In Service
2124Urbos 319/05/2015In ServiceLast of the 2nd order

There were significant technical problems with getting the Urbos2 ready for service. While CAF were never particularly forthcoming about what the problems were, it was only after the NSW Safety regulator allowed them to run with out ATP did they get cleared for service. Thus it's assumed it was found not to be possible to integrate the Ebicab ATP into the Urbos 2 controls.

By the time the Urbos 2 trams were finally cleared for passenger service, the first of the new trams were arriving. The Urbos 2 had a very short time in service before being displaced by the new trams and they were returned to Spain.

The new order Urbos 3 were also to have ATP, but once a safety case for non ATP working had been established, ATP was dropped from their specification.